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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Tagged By ~K. Quirks? Heheh..
According to ~K, I need to post five quirky or "odd" things about myself.
I think you'd be better off asking those around me to be honest. Most everything I do seems fairly normal to me.
Heh..They would most likely have a hard time stopping at five.
Yikes. That would really be an open invitation to abuse.

Soo, I'll come up with them.
*tap fingers*

Here goes.
Quirks.... *crickets chirping*

Okay- I got it.

1) I only wear black socks to work. Notice, I said to work. Lest your brains fill with images of me wearing shorts and black socks with sandals, or sweats replete with the "dork badge" at the gym, I repeat- only to work.
I do this because my bedroom is usually dark, and it's just easier to grab a pair when they're all the same color.

2) I have a tendency to hit the "Enter" key with a little too much elan, if you ask my co-workers. Think of a pianist hitting the final note in a sonata, striking the note quickly with a flourish at the end.
I have no idea why.

3) I hate- No.. Detest, despise, revile- talking on the phone. I screen all my calls even if it's family. If they leave a desperate enough sounding message, I pick up.

4) I have a horrible poker face. Whatever is running through my mind, my face reflects it like a running ticker tape.

5) I like "The Gilmore Girls". It's in re-run time right now, but I can't help it. It sucked me in. I was forced to watch it one night on a date-ish kinda night and, and.. Hey- It was her TV, so it's not like I wanted to.
(Just so I don't have to surrender my "man card", I also watch way too much of the History Channel.)

*Rubs hands together, looks around*
I hereby tag Sougata (Oh, that oughtta be good..)
Bonnie, who can respond in the comments section if she likes
That's it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Faux News
I got sucked into a mini-flamewar on Fark..

It was mostly harmless, but it's Christmas break and all the students seems to have nothing better to do than troll.
I admire the cleverness of the left, their ability to poke holes in the status quo and question all things sacred- But at times, they get so proud of themselves for being snarky, I feel compelled to step in and be the lone bent tuning fork in an echo chamber.
They were bitching about Fox News.
Fine. I bitch about NPR.
They call it Faux News.
That's Cute. Clever.
They seethe because they're biased.
True. So what?

The real issue seems to be that it's now the number one cable news channel.

Not only have they lost the White House, they've lost their monopoly on all media outlets. They call it propaganda, half-truths and outright lies. Anyone remember Connie Chung and Newt Gingrich? That's bias.

They were amusing themselves coming up with imaginary polls to place on Fox's website, and there were some funny ones.

At this point, I jumped in with the following:

Which bothers you more-
a) They're number one
b) They cater to an audience upon whom I wouldn't pour bong water should they catch fire
c) I am somehow unable to turn the channel and find news presented in a more palatable fashion
d) They're just stupid.. And republican. And I hate them. I have tee-shirts to prove it.

Suddenly it wasn't so much fun. Sarcasm and broad brushing is completely fine- Aimed at someone else. So, I took some shots, pointed out the obvious until it became a battle of moral relativism, at which point I left.

Ah.. Passion without perspective is what college is for, isn't it?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
It's getting close to Christmas.

So close, in fact- I can hear the money draining out of my bank account so fast it makes a gurgling sound.
Ahh, the sweet sound of poverty and debt.

My daughter is of an age where she's hard to buy for- I've crossed the threshold of knowing what's "in" any more, so I have gracefully surrendered and trudge dutifully up to the counter and ask for gift certificates.
Places like "Wet Seal" and "Hollister".
I have that slightly confused "Dad" look when I go in there.

Her Senior Pictures are up for choosing now-
Ye gods, what a racket that is. A Parent will pay almost any price for these, since... Well- She does look wonderful, and I do need some for my desk- and a couple for the Grandparents and Aunts, and a big one for the house, and a few wallet sized, and..
You see what I mean?

It's gonna cost a small fortune.

If I don't post anything between now and the Holidays, may the best of the season be with you and yours.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Things are pretty good on planet Rob.

Not stupendous, not award-winning, but- Not bad either.
I bought myself a video card that will handle Doom3 and "Rome: Total War" without chopping it down to 14.4 modem speed. It's pretty hard to control war elephants when you can't see where they went.

I can chase them down and stop them before they disappear over the horizon now. Unfortunately, by the time I get them stopped, the legionaires have decimated my Pikemen.
Very unpredictable, those elephants.

It then occurred to me that my old CRT is .. Well.. A CRT.
Sooo, I bought a 19 inch LCD to compliment the spiffage that has ensued with the hot video card. I mean.. Killing things on Mars requires a lot of resolution, and my 17 inch behemoth just wasn't up to high-res Martian massacres. According to UPS, I should have my new monitor sitting at my doorstep when I get home, but- I have a gig every nite this week, so I won't get much time to decimate the demonic Martian horde. I'll hook it up and sneak a few missions in just to see.

Boy, are those nasty creatures gonna be surprised. I should die every 10 minutes or so, as opposed to every five, when I was all old-school and Cathode-Ray.

Sunday, December 04, 2005
Of grumpiness and Baby Pictures.

Our lead singer has asked me to revive an old habit left over from the old band days.

It would seem the website is starved for content, so he asked me to write something, keeping everyone informed, or at the very least- Mildly amused, and possible offended. We used to call it “Rob’s Corner”, but that just seems a little too… Ah, screw it. “Rob’s Corner” still works just fine. See how my brain works? It's going to be a little separate page, where I turn my jaundiced eye on the public and the band scene in general.

I get to be the counterpoint to his relentless enthusiasm. Yes, Jim is really like that..
He's this large, bald force of nature, women find him irresistable, and the people love to watch him. I'ts what makes him a great front man.

He’s eternally positive, which is really irritating if you’re grumpy. Especially when you’re grumpy.

I like my grumpiness. Our drummer has rubbed off on me, and I have adopted some of his curmudgeonly ways- Besides..It’s fun being grumpy. You really get in the groove, your’e feeling it, you’ve built up your own little cloud of rain that follows you around, people step aside in the malls and you scare dogs and small children.

In bounds Jim, all “positive” and “happy”. Poof. Your rain cloud vanishes. Ya gotta be all happy now, because he’ll wear ya down. He’ll whip out the baby pictures if you keep trying to be grumpy, and no bad mood on the planet will stand up to baby pictures, dammit. We’re going to send him to the middle east, if they can’t learn to get along.

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