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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Faux News
I got sucked into a mini-flamewar on Fark..

It was mostly harmless, but it's Christmas break and all the students seems to have nothing better to do than troll.
I admire the cleverness of the left, their ability to poke holes in the status quo and question all things sacred- But at times, they get so proud of themselves for being snarky, I feel compelled to step in and be the lone bent tuning fork in an echo chamber.
They were bitching about Fox News.
Fine. I bitch about NPR.
They call it Faux News.
That's Cute. Clever.
They seethe because they're biased.
True. So what?

The real issue seems to be that it's now the number one cable news channel.

Not only have they lost the White House, they've lost their monopoly on all media outlets. They call it propaganda, half-truths and outright lies. Anyone remember Connie Chung and Newt Gingrich? That's bias.

They were amusing themselves coming up with imaginary polls to place on Fox's website, and there were some funny ones.

At this point, I jumped in with the following:

Which bothers you more-
a) They're number one
b) They cater to an audience upon whom I wouldn't pour bong water should they catch fire
c) I am somehow unable to turn the channel and find news presented in a more palatable fashion
d) They're just stupid.. And republican. And I hate them. I have tee-shirts to prove it.

Suddenly it wasn't so much fun. Sarcasm and broad brushing is completely fine- Aimed at someone else. So, I took some shots, pointed out the obvious until it became a battle of moral relativism, at which point I left.

Ah.. Passion without perspective is what college is for, isn't it?

College be so younge and a know it all again!!!!
Hope your Christmas is fun Rob.
Have a merry, blessed Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
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