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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
It's getting close to Christmas.

So close, in fact- I can hear the money draining out of my bank account so fast it makes a gurgling sound.
Ahh, the sweet sound of poverty and debt.

My daughter is of an age where she's hard to buy for- I've crossed the threshold of knowing what's "in" any more, so I have gracefully surrendered and trudge dutifully up to the counter and ask for gift certificates.
Places like "Wet Seal" and "Hollister".
I have that slightly confused "Dad" look when I go in there.

Her Senior Pictures are up for choosing now-
Ye gods, what a racket that is. A Parent will pay almost any price for these, since... Well- She does look wonderful, and I do need some for my desk- and a couple for the Grandparents and Aunts, and a big one for the house, and a few wallet sized, and..
You see what I mean?

It's gonna cost a small fortune.

If I don't post anything between now and the Holidays, may the best of the season be with you and yours.


Debt, it's life, or so I hear.
Gift cards are wonderful arn't they? Will be getting a few for my two older sons.

Have to admit Senior pics are beautiful. Which brings us back to poverty......

Merry Christmas Rob.
X&O's to ya.
Maybe we can talk about Cancun in a few months,
You're on..
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