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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Of grumpiness and Baby Pictures.

Our lead singer has asked me to revive an old habit left over from the old band days.

It would seem the website is starved for content, so he asked me to write something, keeping everyone informed, or at the very least- Mildly amused, and possible offended. We used to call it “Rob’s Corner”, but that just seems a little too… Ah, screw it. “Rob’s Corner” still works just fine. See how my brain works? It's going to be a little separate page, where I turn my jaundiced eye on the public and the band scene in general.

I get to be the counterpoint to his relentless enthusiasm. Yes, Jim is really like that..
He's this large, bald force of nature, women find him irresistable, and the people love to watch him. I'ts what makes him a great front man.

He’s eternally positive, which is really irritating if you’re grumpy. Especially when you’re grumpy.

I like my grumpiness. Our drummer has rubbed off on me, and I have adopted some of his curmudgeonly ways- Besides..It’s fun being grumpy. You really get in the groove, your’e feeling it, you’ve built up your own little cloud of rain that follows you around, people step aside in the malls and you scare dogs and small children.

In bounds Jim, all “positive” and “happy”. Poof. Your rain cloud vanishes. Ya gotta be all happy now, because he’ll wear ya down. He’ll whip out the baby pictures if you keep trying to be grumpy, and no bad mood on the planet will stand up to baby pictures, dammit. We’re going to send him to the middle east, if they can’t learn to get along.

Hhhhmmmm! ALWAYS positive, huh? That's remarkable, to say the least. Don't you ever wonder what he's up to? But you do seem to have an upbeat tone in today's post. Maybe he is rubbing off on you just as the drummer did.

Hey, Rob, it's too late for me to go searching thru prior posts, but are you leaving the band or staying? For some reason I thought you were leaving at the end of the year. Things working out in your favor?
"We’re going to send him to the middle east, if they can’t learn to get along."~ if thats all it takes I can send box loads of Baby Pictures with him.
Grumpy is my favorite Dwarf Rob. Always trying to be so hard and distant, but ends up in the thick of things everytime.
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