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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Tagged By ~K. Quirks? Heheh..
According to ~K, I need to post five quirky or "odd" things about myself.
I think you'd be better off asking those around me to be honest. Most everything I do seems fairly normal to me.
Heh..They would most likely have a hard time stopping at five.
Yikes. That would really be an open invitation to abuse.

Soo, I'll come up with them.
*tap fingers*

Here goes.
Quirks.... *crickets chirping*

Okay- I got it.

1) I only wear black socks to work. Notice, I said to work. Lest your brains fill with images of me wearing shorts and black socks with sandals, or sweats replete with the "dork badge" at the gym, I repeat- only to work.
I do this because my bedroom is usually dark, and it's just easier to grab a pair when they're all the same color.

2) I have a tendency to hit the "Enter" key with a little too much elan, if you ask my co-workers. Think of a pianist hitting the final note in a sonata, striking the note quickly with a flourish at the end.
I have no idea why.

3) I hate- No.. Detest, despise, revile- talking on the phone. I screen all my calls even if it's family. If they leave a desperate enough sounding message, I pick up.

4) I have a horrible poker face. Whatever is running through my mind, my face reflects it like a running ticker tape.

5) I like "The Gilmore Girls". It's in re-run time right now, but I can't help it. It sucked me in. I was forced to watch it one night on a date-ish kinda night and, and.. Hey- It was her TV, so it's not like I wanted to.
(Just so I don't have to surrender my "man card", I also watch way too much of the History Channel.)

*Rubs hands together, looks around*
I hereby tag Sougata (Oh, that oughtta be good..)
Bonnie, who can respond in the comments section if she likes
That's it.

Hmmm...ok, here goes -

1. I speak very softly and listen to TV at a barely audible volume; music must always be blaring.

2. Silverware must be neatly stacked in the divided compartments - 2 stacks of teaspoons, tablespoons, table knives touching each other (handle up, handle down, up-down), salad forks and dinner forks in separate stacks.

3. The floor mat at the kitchen sink must be aligned with the edge of the floor tiles.

4. I CANNOT tolerate footprints in a bath mat!

5. My books absolutely, positively have to be in perfect condition. I will not write in a book (including textbooks), break the spine or dog-ear pages. Once I loaned a newly purchased novel to a friend. When she returned the book in perfect condition I asked if she actually read it. She replied she had read the book, but not mine. She read the book from her local library so that she could be sure to return mine in perfect condition.

Darn, if I ain't weird! Thanks a bunch for the tag, Rob. Merry Christmas to you, too!!!!!!!!
Bonnie- I think in medical circles they call that anal. ;-)

Just so you're not alone.. I have to have my shoes lined up, if that helps.
Weird Bonnie? nah, just like things the way you want them. Sometimes I wish I was able to be as "weird" as you are. I might not loose my car keys so much.

Merry Christmas to both of you. Sougata, you too.
Yeah well, after reading my quirks I thought, OMG OCD!!!!!

I trust everyone had a terrific Christmas celebration. Rob, I wish you, ~K, and Sougata a Happy New Year filled with quiet moments, peaceful days, restful nights & God's grace. Thanks for allowing me to use up space on your blog.
Guess what? There is NO Santa. Before going to sleep Christmas eve I asked him to please give me the same body and looks I had when 20 yrs old. Did I get 'em? 'Ell no! He's a fake; it's a lie I tell you, all lies. Boo Hoo!!!! Why wasn't I warned of this sooner?
Merry Christmas to Rob, ~K and Bonnie. Hope everybody had a great time.

Quirks? I don't got no stinkin' quirks.

Actually, I do. I'll get to them in my next post. It'll be a difficult post to write.
No. Dang it. That explains why I always end up with no gifts under my tree. I sure wish I would get that tall, dark, ruggedly handsome man some year.
enough video games.....lets play!!!!
Knock, knock! Anyone home?
Ok Bonnie, maybe we need to go to Robs and break his door down...sheesh.
How long does he think we ladies will wait?
Ok, ~K. I'm puttin' on my cheerleader outfit right now and driving out to the airport. Meetcha at Rob's front door. You wearing your outfit, too?
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