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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Things are pretty good on planet Rob.

Not stupendous, not award-winning, but- Not bad either.
I bought myself a video card that will handle Doom3 and "Rome: Total War" without chopping it down to 14.4 modem speed. It's pretty hard to control war elephants when you can't see where they went.

I can chase them down and stop them before they disappear over the horizon now. Unfortunately, by the time I get them stopped, the legionaires have decimated my Pikemen.
Very unpredictable, those elephants.

It then occurred to me that my old CRT is .. Well.. A CRT.
Sooo, I bought a 19 inch LCD to compliment the spiffage that has ensued with the hot video card. I mean.. Killing things on Mars requires a lot of resolution, and my 17 inch behemoth just wasn't up to high-res Martian massacres. According to UPS, I should have my new monitor sitting at my doorstep when I get home, but- I have a gig every nite this week, so I won't get much time to decimate the demonic Martian horde. I'll hook it up and sneak a few missions in just to see.

Boy, are those nasty creatures gonna be surprised. I should die every 10 minutes or so, as opposed to every five, when I was all old-school and Cathode-Ray.

Have you played Starcraft?

Actually, let me rephrase that: Do you swear by Starcraft? Because if you've played it, you're probably in love with it. I am (and I have played damn near every game published since the days of Atari side-scrollers).

What a storyline, what a storyline. I get goosebumps like a pigtailed schoolgirl just thinking about the story. It's how every game should be. I've been waiting for a Starcraft II for a long time now. But Blizzard decided to extend their Warcraft franchise instead. I pine in vain.

Did I already say this: what a storyline. I think I'll go home and play it again.
I have not as yet attempted Starcraft, however- Based on your reccommendation, I will need to remedy that. It seems like it bears investigation.

I mean- Now that I have this big, honkin' LCD monitor.
Which rocks, BTW.
Word of warning about Starcraft if you decide to try it: it's an old game (released in 2000, I think), so the graphics may look a little dated. Do make allowances for that.

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