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Sunday, January 29, 2006
The sunday update.
Just because I feel guilty, I suppose, for neglecting the Troll, I am throwing this up just to keep you apprised of my life, as boring as it is of late.

I've really been on a songwriting tear, in part because this process is so unobtrusive- You can hit a button and just let ideas roll out without regard to the recording going on. I normally get the "Red Light Jitters" which means you get self-conscious when the tape rolls. This makes it silent enough to forget about.

I've finished a couple, but it'll be a few weeks, maybe months before I get them to a point where I can link to them. They're just rough sketches, and they'll need to be polished, honed and perfected before I let them out.

I've been furously uprading the PC, installing bigger hard drives, since songs in rough format suck up vast anounts of drive space. This required drive imaging software, a big ol' Western Digital 250 gig Hard Drive and getting my finicky MoBo to recognize both PATA and SATA drives. My original drive is now in an external USB enclosure for backup and whatnot. That was a pain in the ass, lemme tell ya. When i got the new MoBo i lost a crapload of data, but it wasn't anything I couldn't live without, but I'll be damned if I'll do it twice. Last time I blew the drive away mostly because I ran out of patience.

The band is taking off, which is really frightening. As much as there's tension and whatnot (which has mostly subsided) the sound on stage is better than sex at times. I swear, it really is. It's both visceral and audible, feeding right into my "I Need to feel good" circuit in my brain and for a period of time, all is well in the world. The guitarist and I (yes, THAT guitarist..) are working on the original stuff- So, .. Um.. That has been oddly productive.

My life, if it weren't so boring, would be great screenplay fodder as a side, "isn't he odd" kind of character.
I have not really felt the need to date, or find someone to fill any voids in my life, which is both re-assuring, and odd. I do mental double-takes at times when I'm driving, taking stock of Rob- such as I am. I am usually content to just putter along, doing as I please, marching to the beat of whatever it is that I'm amusing myself with.

I've been on dates, but they are not so much an interview for a future Significant Other so much as entertainment. Provided they're attractive enough to be amusing. It sounds shallow, I know, but if I'm going to subjuct myself to a date, she damn well better be pleasing to look at. At the end of the night, kisses are exchanged, but then I scurry away to come home and play my guitar.

Sunday, January 22, 2006
I have not fallen off the edge of the blogosphere. Really.

I have found this nifty open source recording program called Auacity, which lets you do mutli-track recording right on your PC. You can do all kinds of things with minimal (and I do mean minimal) cost. I have a standard cheapie microphone tapped into a run-of-the-mill sound card, and- Presto. I wouldn't put any of this onto a CD, but it's a great way to sketch out ideas.

This seems to have sucked up what littel creative energy I have as of late, but it seems like a harmless obsession at the moment. I have a bunch of little pieces if ideas, nothing close to full songs as of yet- I seem to get to a point where I have to cross the line into full song, and it's there I get timid. You can take a great idea for a song and completely wreck it if you push too hard. At the same time, you can psyche yourself out if you get too timid. At some point, I'm going to have to forge ahead and just finish one of them.

Monday, January 09, 2006
First it died, then it arose
My PC, that is.

In response to K~'s not-so-gentle reminders, I hereby offer an explanation of sorts.
My motherboard, or as we refer to it in "the biz" - The "MoBo" (Envision finger quoting motions for added emphasis) appeared to have....
Let me back up a little.

I was having some wonderful pitched battles with the Gauls, the Numidians, and those damn Spaniards- who kept attacking at every turn- all in the course of conquering the ancient world in the wonderful universe known as "Rome- Total War". Just as I was all set to take on house Julii (another roman faction) the PC.. She no boot.

EEk! In a fit of "conquestus interuptus"-I rushed out and dropped way too much money on a power supply at BestBuy, as Rome waits for noone, and I had cities rioting...

oh- Hang on, luv..
*Checks Email*
Apparently, K~ AND Bonnie are putting on their cheerleading outfits and heading to the airport.
Heh.. Be careful what you wish for, ladies..

Ok, where was I?
Making excu- Er.. Writing an explanation.
Okay- So, I shelled out 90 dolla for a humongo overkill powersupply, but, hey- I don't want to cook this one just as Rome itself lies within my grasp, now, do I?

I get home, eviscerate my now-defunct PC, frantically insert the new and improved Power Supply, push the power button, all the while licking my lips in anticipation...
"C'mon, baby- Daddy has to keep Carthage in check and build up the Cav.."
(Keep in mind, I do this for a living.)

I was officially Pissed.
Totally Jacked.

I (after the fact, mind you..) check all the ratings, connection compatibilities and read the specs all of which revealed nothing out of the ordinary.
Must be the MoBo. (Finger quotes)

I have nothing to lose, so I now drop ANOTHER 300 dolla on an AMD 64-bit 1200 mhz front-side-bus-mother-of-all-motherboards via Tiger Direct.

This evening, I'm a little bored, there's naught on TV but re-runs and almost-sports- Sooo, I start piddling with the case and connections a little absent-mindedly all the while getting a cheap football fix watching a replay of the 87 Browns-Broncos game. The new (finger quotes) MoBo will be here tomorrow, so.. Whatthehell.

I take it down to the empty case, reseat all the connections, chase all the dust buffalos from the corners and fans and start putting it back together piece-by-piece.
I get Lazarus back to a minimal boot state and sorta half-heartedly hit the power button..

! ........!! WTF!

So, I plugged it all back in, and here I sit- Waiting for a very expensive (finger quotes) MoBo to arrive.
I'll use it anyway. I mean..
I already paid for it and all.
I am such a gadget slut.

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