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Monday, January 09, 2006
First it died, then it arose
My PC, that is.

In response to K~'s not-so-gentle reminders, I hereby offer an explanation of sorts.
My motherboard, or as we refer to it in "the biz" - The "MoBo" (Envision finger quoting motions for added emphasis) appeared to have....
Let me back up a little.

I was having some wonderful pitched battles with the Gauls, the Numidians, and those damn Spaniards- who kept attacking at every turn- all in the course of conquering the ancient world in the wonderful universe known as "Rome- Total War". Just as I was all set to take on house Julii (another roman faction) the PC.. She no boot.

EEk! In a fit of "conquestus interuptus"-I rushed out and dropped way too much money on a power supply at BestBuy, as Rome waits for noone, and I had cities rioting...

oh- Hang on, luv..
*Checks Email*
Apparently, K~ AND Bonnie are putting on their cheerleading outfits and heading to the airport.
Heh.. Be careful what you wish for, ladies..

Ok, where was I?
Making excu- Er.. Writing an explanation.
Okay- So, I shelled out 90 dolla for a humongo overkill powersupply, but, hey- I don't want to cook this one just as Rome itself lies within my grasp, now, do I?

I get home, eviscerate my now-defunct PC, frantically insert the new and improved Power Supply, push the power button, all the while licking my lips in anticipation...
"C'mon, baby- Daddy has to keep Carthage in check and build up the Cav.."
(Keep in mind, I do this for a living.)

I was officially Pissed.
Totally Jacked.

I (after the fact, mind you..) check all the ratings, connection compatibilities and read the specs all of which revealed nothing out of the ordinary.
Must be the MoBo. (Finger quotes)

I have nothing to lose, so I now drop ANOTHER 300 dolla on an AMD 64-bit 1200 mhz front-side-bus-mother-of-all-motherboards via Tiger Direct.

This evening, I'm a little bored, there's naught on TV but re-runs and almost-sports- Sooo, I start piddling with the case and connections a little absent-mindedly all the while getting a cheap football fix watching a replay of the 87 Browns-Broncos game. The new (finger quotes) MoBo will be here tomorrow, so.. Whatthehell.

I take it down to the empty case, reseat all the connections, chase all the dust buffalos from the corners and fans and start putting it back together piece-by-piece.
I get Lazarus back to a minimal boot state and sorta half-heartedly hit the power button..

! ........!! WTF!

So, I plugged it all back in, and here I sit- Waiting for a very expensive (finger quotes) MoBo to arrive.
I'll use it anyway. I mean..
I already paid for it and all.
I am such a gadget slut.

I can't believe you. You truly are a gadget slut.

Uh, how do you know what ~K and I are wishing for? Huh?
Rob, if dreams came true....aahhhh

Gadget slut is better then some cyber freaks I have met...yep yep yep lots better.

Now to see this MoBo...heheh
I am truly addicted to all things that blink and beep.

Oh- Contrary to popular belief and a lot of evidence to the contrary- I don't show my MoBo to just anyone, you know.
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