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Sunday, January 22, 2006
I have not fallen off the edge of the blogosphere. Really.

I have found this nifty open source recording program called Auacity, which lets you do mutli-track recording right on your PC. You can do all kinds of things with minimal (and I do mean minimal) cost. I have a standard cheapie microphone tapped into a run-of-the-mill sound card, and- Presto. I wouldn't put any of this onto a CD, but it's a great way to sketch out ideas.

This seems to have sucked up what littel creative energy I have as of late, but it seems like a harmless obsession at the moment. I have a bunch of little pieces if ideas, nothing close to full songs as of yet- I seem to get to a point where I have to cross the line into full song, and it's there I get timid. You can take a great idea for a song and completely wreck it if you push too hard. At the same time, you can psyche yourself out if you get too timid. At some point, I'm going to have to forge ahead and just finish one of them.

Good to see you post again Rob.
I can understand your hesitation, I do the same with my poems.
Hope your enjoying yourself.
You, timid!?!?! Nah!!! Forge ahead. Give ~K and I something to cheer about.
Audacity? Sounds interesting. Sourceforge has some great stuff.

I don't have much talent by way of music, but I'll give this program a try.
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