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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Creativity, or lack thereof
Whelp.. The songwriting continues.

I had a really productive streak going strong, pumping out two so-so pieces, followed by two really solid ones, and then- I hit the wall.

It happens. The creative well runs dry, and you sit there staring at the wall mid-song.

I had a pretty nice little chord progression going, something akin to a melody brewing, but when it came time to put an idea or some kind of subject matter into it, everything came that came out of my head sounded like rejected Hallmark Cards from the 70’s. I don’t really like writing directly about meself, since- Well, that can make people squirm.

I don’t want them to squirm, I want them to absorb and enjoy the song, finding something of themselves in it. If it so happens that what I’m going through comes out in a song, fine, but I’m not going to dump my soul on the poor unsuspecting public.
That’s what I have this blog for. It’s reasonably anonymous, and I can vent my spleen upon you, the poor unsuspecting readers. Ha!

And vent you shall. That's ok. We've all been in the same boat at some point in our lives. We keep commin' back here, don't we? Take care and stay happy. Looking forward to hearing some of your songs - even sappy Hallmark rejects!
... but I’m not going to dump my soul on the poor unsuspecting public.

Why not?

If you slice it one particular way, there are three kinds of people in the world. Two of these three kinds are quite comfortable with soul-dumping. Two of these three kinds are also numerous. So -- with a nod in Nike's direction -- just dump it.

Build it and they will give you money.
Great time to vent.....
Bonnie said it, we keep commin' back here.

Sougata,~"just dump it". heheh
your always so good at doing tags, so I tagged you AGAIN!!
Still love me?
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