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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
K~ from Life With Me In It tagged me. I looked at it and thought-
That- is not. What I feel like answering today.
Not that I'm some sort of "Meme elitist", bent on doing everything my way, but I thought the questions were kinda.. Meh. (K~ is most definitely NOT "meh" and- I'm pretty sure she could take me in an alley fight.)

Here's what I wanna know. (Yes, it is all about me, and it's high time y'all learned that..)

Rob's cheesy, nosy questions

1) When you think of someone, what pushes your "wow" buttons? In other words, is there a "type" or "types" that you go for? Are you an "eyes" person, one who goes for the artistic type, or rough around the edges? (This is a gender-neutral question, I think.)

2) Name something about the people you work with that pushes your "That really pisses me off" button. (Okay, be careful, cuz you never know who may read this. If in doubt, substitute a "people in general" response.)

3) 4) and 5) If you could have three wishes what would they be? (Difficulty- No "world peace and puppies for everyone" wishes. Let's be realistic about our unrealism, shall we?)

6) SuperBowl- Did the Steelers win outright, or did the Seahawks just lose an otherwise winnable game? (Sougata gets a pass on this, being a godless heathen and a ferriner to boot..)

Rob's inane answers

1) I like women to be sassy, able to withstand the onslaught of my "Rob-Fu". Okay, that's a bit overboard, but I like them with a sense of self.
Oh- Hot always helps.
2) I have several types at work who yank my chain on a regular basis, but the worst is when people assign me a problem, and then give me a ten minute dissertaion on what to do to correct the issue.
Here's all I need- Who. What. Where. Anything else, and you're torturing me with noises not at all unlike those made by Charlie Brown's Mom. WahWahWaaahWah.
Just - Let. Me. Go. I can assess the situation, ask questions and solve it quicker on my own.

3) Wisdom the likes of Solomon. The ability to see every situation for what it really is.
4) The power to use said wisdom- Mostly for those directly around me. No world peace blather here.
5) To own and rule an island whose chief export would be those hot women they use in music videos.

6) The Seahawks lost that one. They let it slip away more so than the Steelers won.

Now- It's up to you if you want to post these in tour own blog, but truthfully, I'll be happy with some answers in the comments section.

Give me till after work and I will answer these questions...
But I will tell you, people who USE the Union and are slackers resulting in others to make up for their laziness, so we can go home on-time, sure pisses me off.
Yeah now it is time to go play nice with these said losers.
I will also give it some thought and post a comment.
I answered your questions over at my place. Come on over for a visit...
Answers in my blog.
Where the heck are you?
Stop leaving me alone for so darn long. I am a needy person (cough cough)
I need my Rob fix.....
Yeah, so there! Ditto what ~K said, Buddy. Are ya too wrapped up in that songwriting?
~K, do you still have your outfit? I guess we need to make a trip to PA. Whutcha think?
My outfit is ready to go. My question is could Rob handle it?....heheh
Think he would cry like a school girl?
Now I tagged you AGAIN, because I think maybe you might answer anothe meme. Sheesh!!, what I go through to get your attention.
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