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Sunday, February 05, 2006
SuperBowls and Songwriting
I am of the opinion that there are only two times when Steeler's Fans are insufferable.

1) When they win.
2) When they lose.

The SuperBowl hasn't even started yet and I'm wincing already, anticipating a lot of breathless rehashing of the game, or worse yet- Endless whining about bad calls.

Just for the record though, this is probably the only time I will ever root for the Steelers, albeit half-assedly whilst I recline and snooze on the couch. In part, it's because I have a hard time getting worked up over the Seahawks. They're just so... Latte'.

I wouldn't rule out Holmgren and company altogether, but I think the Steelers have more heart, play with more intensity and have a defense that could've held off the Allies on D-Day.

The songwriting has come to a screeching halt, in part because of an abcessed tooth, making it hard to feel creative while my face is pounding. I get it drilled and filled on Wednesday, so here's hoping for the best. I also kinda poured out everything I had in me, writing one song that's as close to "me" as I dare get. It won't be hard for anyone to figure out who wrote it ten seconds into the song. It's also as good as anyhting I've ever written.

BTW.. My prediction for the Super bowl is Steelers over the Seahawks 31-27.

Being a heathen, barbarian foreigner-type, I find it difficult to get excited over the Superbowl.

The songwriting is very intriguing, on the other hand. I'm sure the song(s) will turn out great.
Ouch! I feel for you about the tooth. Why is the dentist making you wait until Wednesday?

I know nothing about football so it's best I keep my mouth shut on that.

When do we get to hear a song or two? Huh!?!

(Don't even reply to this - The train stopped at the station twice on Sunday and once Monday morning. Made me wince!)
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